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At First Glance, All Batteries Look The Same…

…They’re all the same size and they fit snuggly into one of the many portable electronic devices that have become very common in our everyday lives. Most of us never even give a thought to how batteries are made or what harm they can do to our environment once they are discarded. Fuji EnviroMAX has been dedicated to developing one of the most environmentally respectful batteries on the planet for thirty years.

Here at Fuji EnviroMAX, we are dedicated to setting environmental standards with the batteries we make. At one time, all batteries were made with mercury and cadmium, which are heavy metals. These heavy metals, along with other materials, have been proven to be harmful to the environment. Fuji Batteries decided they wanted to confront this environmental danger head-on, so they developed Fuji EnviroMAX to eliminate the use of materials like mercury and cadmium, which were hazardous to the environment.

Today, Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are designed to be environmentally respectful. Here is a look at Fuji EnviroMAX’s environmental report card:

  • About twenty years ago, Fuji Batteries was able to produce batteries that were Mercury-Free.
  • Today, Fuji Batteries also produces batteries that are Cadmium-Free.
  • Ozone-depleting compounds have been eliminated in the production of Fuji EnviroMAX batteries.

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries continue to lead the way by setting rigorous safety and quality control standards to produce battery products that are safe for users and to the environment.