When it comes to Fuji EnviroMax Alkaline Batteries, there is a tremendous difference to the products of our competitors in the areas of cost, performance and quality. We believe it is the combination of these three factors, that consumers, for the most part, base their purchasing decisions on.
Environmental Responsibility.

Fuji EnviroMax eco friendly and high performance batteries; the green batteries consumers want. Our best-in-class alkaline batteries are the result of our passion to be the environmental leader. Manufacturer of Fuji EnviroMax Batteries brings a long-awaited peace-of-mind to consumers who “live green” when choosing consumable products to meet their daily needs.
Social Responsibility.


  • Mercury and Cadmium free
  • Packaged with over 75% recycled materials
  • PET Plastic is used for the packaging and battery jacket
  • Manufacturing does not release any ozone-depleting compounds
  • Disposable in most landfills*


  • One of the longest shelf lives in the industry
  • One of the longest-lasting alkaline batteries available (independent lab tested)
  • Priced competitively with the market leaders
  • Power meets or exceeds the competition
  • Designed for digital devices
  • One of the strongest anti-leak protection technologies in the industry.


Fuji EnviroMAX packaging has excellent contrast against its competitors:

  • Highest attention-grabbing value
  • Best overall design value
  • Attractive colors
  • Relevant package info

Consumer “Hot Buttons”

  • “MAXIMUM Power, Minimum Impact”
  • “Big world” thematic
  • Bold color palette
  • Mercury and Cadmium free

*Please follow your state and local regulations regarding the proper disposal of all batteries.