Super Alkaline AAA Eco Friendly Batteries

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The EnviroMAX is expertly constructed from the basic elements of the Earth and contains no harmful mercury or cadmium. As such, this eco-friendly battery does not release any ozone-depleting compounds and is disposable in most landfills. Even the packaging is made using more than 75% recycled materials!


Tested by independent labs, the Fuji EnviroMAX battery boasts one of the longest shelf lives in the industry. 


It features a 10-year shelf life, superb discharge curve, and strong leak tightness to keep the environment protected. 


The best is yet to cBoasting maximum power with minimum impact, Fuji EnviroMAX Super Alkaline Batteries provide the best of both worlds at no added cost. In addition to furnishing unsurpassed power and longevity, these batteries meet a world standard for eco-friendly, recyclable materials.

It's a high-quality battery -- in fact, one of the best technology has to offer. It has a 10-year shelf life, which is one of the longest shelf lives available in the industry. It also has a superb discharge curve and strong leak tightness. Furthermore, it can handle wide temperature characteristics and is able to perform in extreme weather conditions.

These batteries contain no mercury or cadmium – heavy metals that are harmful to the ecosystem. There is nothing inside in our battery that will harm the ecosystem if it is disposed of through normal waste systems. What's more, they're even labeled and packaged with recycled paper and P.E.T. plastic.

Independent tests show Fuji batteries meet or exceed the competition in every category. Great for many portable electronic devices that we have come to rely on, this Super Alkaline Battery maintains strength throughout its entire life. Best of all, it's 100% recyclable and comes in a wide variety of blister packs and multi-packs to fulfill every need.

All batteries may look the same, but Fuji EnviroMAX has been dedicated to developing one of the most environmentally-respectful batteries.ome! Give your walls a voice with a framed poster. This aesthethic, optimistic poster will look great in your desk or in an open-space office. Painted wooden frame with passe-partout for more depth.


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