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The EnviroMAX is eco-respectful from the way they are made all the way through to its packaging. They are mercury-, cadmium- and PVC-free, and even the paper they’re packaged with is recycled.


 Backed by a major testing laboratory report, Fuji’s performance is second to none. These batteries meet or exceed the market leaders in performance, showing that Fuji EnviroMAX batteries equal – and most often exceed – the performance and longevity of equivalent major brands.


In addition to the impressive shelf life, these batteries have a superb discharge curve keeping a consistent flow of power throughout the entire life of the battery.


Delivering high-level power for many hours of continuous use with a small voltage drop, Fuji EnviroMAX Digital Alkaline Batteries provide the best of both worlds. In addition to boasting unsurpassed power and longevity, these batteries meet a world standard for environmental responsibility andrecyclable materials.

Tested by independent labs, the Fuji EnviroMAX battery boasts one of the longest shelf lives in the industry. In addition to its 10-year shelf life, it also has a superb discharge curve and strong leak tightness to keep the environment protected. Moreover, it can handle a wide temperature range and can even be used in very extreme weather conditions.

Just because batteries look the same, doesn't mean they actually are. Consumers are provided the best in class at a cost that is 30-40% below market leaders, while delivering a high-performance, eco-friendly product at the same time.

These 1.5-volt batteries are expertly constructed from the basic elements of the Earth and contain no harmful mercury or cadmium. As such, this 100% recyclable product does not release any ozone-depleting compounds and is disposable in most landfills

Ideal for a variety of portable electronic devices that we rely on every day, the Fuji maintains strength throughout its entire life. Independent tests show that Fuji's performance is second to none, meeting or exceeding the competition in every category.